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Company:Agiomix FZ-LLC
Business Address:Dubai Science Park
United Arab Emirates
Fax:+971 4 4224601
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Parent Company:Alliance Global FZ-LLC (Alliance Global Group AGBL) (United Arab Emirates)
Sister Companies:Avicenna Diagnostics (United Arab Emirates)
Company Information
Company Type: Service Provider (Scientific)
About Us:Agiomix has a mission to bring Next Generation Genomics to Emerging Markets

Agiomix aims at providing its customers with a wide array of genomics sample and bioinformatics services for research and clinical applications. Our team of experts work very closely with customers to insure success of their research projects, and collaborates with our clinical partners to enable their labs to offer unparalleled clinical genomics services to patients. Agiomix distinguishes itself from other providers by being closer to customers in emerging markets with focus on the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Agiomix services range from consultations on research projects, computational and facility requirements, to testing samples for research and diagnostics purposes.

Agiomix also offers a variety of capacity-building training courses in the areas of Genomics, Bioinformatics and Life Sciences

With state-of-the-art research and diagnostics laboratories; Agiomix is poised to bring world-class genomics services to its customers around the world.
Applications: Genomics
Products / Services: Sample Services
Bioinformatic Services
Consultation Services
Consumer Genetics