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Business Address:Dubai Science Park
United Arab Emirates
Fax:+971 4 4224601
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Company Type: Service Provider (Scientific)
About Us:Agiomix Appoints Dr. Cengiz Yakicier as a Senior Member of its Medical Board

Dubai, UAE, (June, 2019) - Agiomix, the next generation genomics company has announced the appointment of a leading physician-scientist, Dr. Cengiz Yakicier to the position of Medical Director with immediate effect. As a member of Agiomix medical board Dr. Cengiz will be responsible for developing and executing on the company’s medical strategy to drive genomic analysis across healthcare practices in the region.

“We are very excited to welcome Dr. Cengiz to our team of medical experts. This is a transformative time in the evolution of precision and translational medicine and Dr. Cengiz will add a lot to our services to the healthcare community” said Dr. John Clarkson Board Director of Agiomix FZ-LLC.

For over three decades, Dr. Cengiz has worked at leading institutions throughout Asia, Europe and US; he currently serves as the Director of the Molecular Pathology Laboratory at Acıbadem in Istanbul. He is Founding Dean of Faculty of Science and Arts at Acıbadem University.

Dr. Cengiz holds an MD degree in Nuclear Medicine, he also holds Master’s and PhD degrees in Molecular Genetic from University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France, where he served as a research fellow; he also served as a research fellow at the Gastrointestinal Unit of Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. Dr. Cengiz has numerous publications in renowned medical journals.

Dr. Cengiz said: “I am delighted to join the Agiomix Medical Board, I believe that Agiomix has the right lab infrastructure and medical expertise to provide truly outstanding and world-class genomics services, I am looking forward to adding value to Agiomix ability to analyze complex pathologies and produce excellent medical reports to aid in the diagnosis and management of disease.”

About Agiomix FZ-LLC
Agiomix FZ-LLC is a Dubai-headquartered genomics company, focused on offering sequencing and genotyping services to research and clinical customers. Agiomix strives to offer localized, high standard and affordable genomics analysis services with unparalleled counseling and support.
About Us:Agiomix has a mission to bring Next Generation Genomics to Emerging Markets

Agiomix aims at providing its customers with a wide array of genomics sample and bioinformatics services for research and clinical applications. Our team of experts work very closely with customers to insure success of their research projects, and collaborates with our clinical partners to enable their labs to offer unparalleled clinical genomics services to patients. Agiomix distinguishes itself from other providers by being closer to customers in emerging markets with focus on the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Agiomix services range from consultations on research projects, computational and facility requirements, to testing samples for research and diagnostics purposes.

Agiomix also offers a variety of capacity-building training courses in the areas of Genomics, Bioinformatics and Life Sciences

With state-of-the-art research and diagnostics laboratories; Agiomix is poised to bring world-class genomics services to its customers around the world.
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