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BioChannel Partners
turning distributors into channel partners

Manufacturers Looking For Distributors

Manufacturer / Distributor Partnering for Laboratory Tools Suppliers!

On-Line Partner Search

Since 2003, we have developed & formatted a global database of laboratory product suppliers to enable manufacturers, distributors and service providers, who are looking for channel partners, to find each other.

BCP Bronze (Free)
Free membership gives you a taste of the types of companies we have in our database and allows you to contact other members.

  • Add your company profile to the BCP Bronze directory so that potential partners can see what you are looking for and contact you
  • Search for the types of companies you want to connect with
  • Contact details are not available as a free member however, you can use the website messaging system and introduce your company to other members (10% of companies in the database are members)
  • Register or Login to add/update Your Company Profile

BCP Bronze - Featured Company (£300 per year)
Expose your company profile to a much wider range of potential partners - useful if you want potential partners to contact you

  • Priority listing in BCP Bronze, the partnering database
  • Your company profile page, with logo and website link appear in the Featured Manufacturers page (Featured Manufacturers get more communications from interested distributors)
  • We pro-actively promote your company to all relevant distributors inviting them to contact you
  • Upgrade your listing as a Featured Company

BCP Bronze Credits
For full contact details of any company in the database, (members and non-members) use BCP Bronze credits

  • If your target distributors are easy to define using the search criteria and are small enough in number - BCP Bronze credits may be all you need
  • Claim 3 free BCP Bronze credits when you register and order additional credits on-line
  • Try a test search to see how many potential partners are available (BCP Bronze Database)

BCP Silver (£500 per region)
A more proactive approach to searching for distributors - rather than waiting for distributors to contact you, view company profiles, short list and contact the distributors you want to work with!

  • Each BCP Silver country group contains company profiles, with contact details, of all distributors in the target region
  • Enables you to seek out the best possible distributors for your company - your ideal distributor may not contact you, find them and make sure they know you are interested in them!
  • Subscription to any BCP Silver group includes BCP Bronze Featured Company status (While you are focussing on a target region, we will be generating interest among distributors in the rest of the world!)
  • Select your BCP Silver group from the dropdown list and subscribe for instant access to distributor profiles
  • Option to upgrade to custom partner search and evaluation services, BCP Gold and BCP Platinum

Custom Partner Search and Evaluation

BCP Gold (£1500 per country)
This option is useful if you want to select from a smaller number of relevant candidate distributors or if you are seeking distributors who are hard to find for your specific type of products.

  • Customised list of 15-20 companies in your target country who are currently representing complementary manufacturers
  • Discounts available for multiple countries
  • BCP Gold includes BCP Bronze Featured Company status and the BCP Silver country group which holds the target country
  • Option to upgrade to BCP Platinum

BCP Platinum (£5500 per country)
This option is designed for those who prefer to dedicate their time to distributor management and need someone to assist with the search and qualification of potential partners.

  • Our researchers will identify the best possible distributors, introduce the company to distributors in a way that is attractive to them & gather detailed qualification criteria
  • References from other suppliers to the candidate distributors will be gathered
  • Short list of 4-6 relevant, interested, referenced distributors in your target country will be presented
  • This options includes BCP Bronze Featured Company status and the BCP Silver country group which holds the target country & BCP Gold